Receiver Harman Kardon AVR 18 RDS 5.1


Audio e Hi-Fi
Ticino, 6982
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Sintoamplificatore audio video come nuovo, completo di telecomando

Audio/Video RDS Receiver with Dolby Pro Logic
DSP processor with 3 surround modes (Theater, Hall 1, Hall 2)
6-channel direct inputs for connecting external digital decoders (Dolby Digital AC-3, MPEG-2, DTS, etc.)
5 x 40 W to 8 ohms in surround mode
2 x 50 W to 8 ohms in stereo mode
High-current power amplifiers in completely discrete design
Preamp outputs for all channels including subwoofer for future expansion.
Adjustable digital delay for the surround speakers
Ultra-high bandwidth for a transparent sound with best Ortbarkeit
4 A/V and 2 audio inputs, 2 A/V and 2 audio outputs
RDS tuner with radio text, memory for 30 stations, direct frequency input and automatic memory allocation
Screwed terminals for all speakers
Timer for timed switching off
Impulse power Stereo mode 2/4/8 ohms: 2x 150 / 2x 120 / 2x 75 W
Frequency response: 10 Hz - 80 kHz
Noise-to-noise ratio: 95 dB
Dimensions W x H x D: 440 x 153 x 415 mm
Weight: 14 kg
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