Vendo macchina caffè automatica SIEMENS SURPRESSO s70 BIANCA


Elettrodomestici e utensili
Ticino, 6537
Siemens Surpresso rimasta ferma per anni ma ancora nella scatola originale, da pulire e fare lavaggi calcare e pulizia. Prezzo nuovo 1200.-
Siemens new fully automatic espresso coffee maker is the glossy white surpresso S70. Inside of its elaborate white piano-style paintwork housing is the most advanced espresso coffee technology. The flavor-enhancing Aroma Whirl System Plus, and the automatic Milk Whirl System that creates a fine milk froth, will make you forget your favorite coffee shop. The white color combined with polished silver knobs and nozzles, make this coffee maker look very sharp. The surpresso S70 is perfect for those who likes a little drama in the kitchen, but who do not want to give up European coffee tradition. The full spectrum of drinks, including classic coffee, espresso, Swiss Schümli coffee, macchiato and latte is available, and for an exceptionally intense aroma the coffee is freshly grounded for each cup, and is moistened for a few seconds. The coffee swells up and then releases its aroma more readily during the subsequent extraction phase resulting in the particularly smooth and rounded flavor. The price for the S70 fully automatic espresso coffee maker is ?1100 or $1,518 USD.
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