2.5mm to 2 RCA AV Cable For Digital Camera


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2.5mm To 2x RCA AV Cable
For Fuji Digital Camera / Camcorder With 2.5mm AV Port

This High Speed data transfer cable for connects your digital camera / Camcorder to your TV, allows you to view your pictures / video or recording.

Product features:
? Brand new
? High Speed Audio / Video Cable
? AV Cable for plays your Pictures / Video to TV
? 2.5mm Pin To 2 x RCA AV Plug
? Plug and Play
? Foil and Braid Shielding to minimize EMI/RFI Interference
? Twisted-pair design reduces cross talk for high-speed, error-free data transfer
? Colour: Black

Fully Compactible to:
Fujiflim Digital Camera / Camcorder with 2.5mm pin AV port
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6648, Ticino
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