Oberheim ob-x 8 voices with midi (including hard case)


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Berne, 2503
This OB-X is in excellent condition and works very well.
As any vintage piece of gear you will need to continue to take care of it, I?m not using it enough to keep it.

It was recently totally overhauled by one of the best Oberheim techs (see below). The synth is perfectly stable and is fully in tune even before the auto tune job.

This also has the very cool Encore MIDI kit which provides midi CC control over ALL parameters.

Sounds HUGE in a way that is still unmatched in the synth world. Comes with a custom hardcase.

Here is the list of work that was done by Greg Montalblano of Analog Synth Service:
Modified S/H power line (5.6V regulated)
Replaced tantalum caps & performed diode mod on power supply.
Cleaned keyboard contacts.
Cleaned pots, switches, key contacts.
Replaced six 4051 S/H ICs
Replaced VCO tuning trimmers (offset, hi trim) on eight voice cards.
Tuned & scaled oscillators.
Replaced tantalum bypass caps on all boards.
Installed Encore midi kit

Hard case included

Things you will need to look at :

- as I don?t used it a lot,, keys will need a clean up as they are sometimes sticky (bushing were replaced few years ago)
- some voices are a bit louder than the other (maybe calibration issue).

I describe this item to my best knowledge, I can not provide a guarantee for a 35 years old synth (even this Oberheim model is almost only composed of replaceable components).

I speak also French ! Envoi de photos sur demande
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Jimmy Star

2503, Berne
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