Pieps Powder Set


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Pieps Powder Set - New, never used

Includes shovel, probe, and beacon.

Product information "PIEPS SET POWDER BT (2019/20)"
The PIEPS POWDER BT is the high-performance avalanche transceiver that can be connected to the PIEPS APP.

MAX. CIRCULAR RECEPTION RANGE: for fast and stable initial reception.
COMPREHENSIVE SELF-TEST: Check all relevant hardware and software elements and display the current software version.
PERFECTLY READABLE DISPLAY: in all lighting conditions
AUTO-ANTENNA-SWITCH: If the transmitter antenna is disturbed by electronic devices or metal, the system automatically switches to the other antenna.
AUTO-SEARCH-TO-SEND: The PIEPS POWDER BT automatically switches from search mode to send mode if the device is at rest for a certain time (spillage).
iPROBE SUPPORT: The PIEPS POWDER BT can be temporarily deactivated using the intelligent iPROBE probe. The next strongest signal is automatically displayed on the receiver LVS.
GROUP CHECK: Checks the activity and send parameters of the partner avalanche transceiver. PIEPS recommends carrying out a group check before each tour.
CARRYING SYSTEM: High comfort with low weight, neoprene bag with soft shoulder strap, quick-pull system for quick device removal
WIRELESS DEVICE MANAGEMENT: Update option with Bluetooth and PIEPS APP
BATTERY LIFE: min. 300 h in transmit mode with lithium batteries
Maximum range (m): 60
Search strip width (m): 60
Dimensions (mm, LxWxH): 118 x 76 x 29
Weight (g, including batteries): 220
Power supply: 3 batteries (AAA)
Battery life (min.h): 300
Receive frequency (kHz): 457
Transmission frequency (kHz, according to EN300718): 457
Temperature range: -20 ° C to + 45 ° C
The PIEPS shovel C 660 with telescopic handle and C-handle is the perfect shovel for effective comrade rescue. The shovel guarantees light weight and best stability.

C-GRIFF: enables easy handling even with the thickest gloves
OVAL TELESCOPIC HANDLE: prevents twisting in the hand when shoveling
QUICK LOCK SYSTEM: quick lock without pushing a button connects the handle to the airfoil
Rescue sled function
Hack function
Non-slip kick grooves
Stop slip
Pronounced center bars
Integrated bottle opener
Special surface coating
Sharpened edges
Technical specifications:
Weight: 660 g
Blade size: 28.5 x 21.5 x 6 cm
Handle: length 68 cm; Weight 350 g
Blade weight: 310 g

Stable pipes made of high quality aluminum alloy with low bending behavior
Throwing probe easily and quickly clamped
Pipe diameter (mm): 12.50
Weight: 300 g
Pipes: 6
Length stretched: 260 cm
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