Ruffoni -OPUS Prima Frying pan without lid New


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Ruffoni Opus Prima Induction Frying Pan, stainl. steel, hammered and pol., Ø 26 x h 5 cm

Pan out - With this beautiful induction pan you can show up not only at the table, but also with the results out of it. Frying and simmering is extremely easy with it. A Ruffoni product with extraordinary functional properties on all kinds of stoves in an absolutely exceptional design. Since 1931 the Italian copper smith manufactory Ruffoni creates the best accessories for the Haute Cuisine. The hand crafted production of noble cookware is their greatest passion and the extremely high value manual procedures show in every single product. The exceptional properties of Ruffoni kitchen products are well appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide. After decades of expertise in working with copper Ruffoni now offers the new series Opus Prima. Its base is the multilayer material combination of hammered, shiny polished stainless steel with a middle layer of Aluminum for fast and evenly heat distribution. The hand hammered surfaces of pots and pans contrasts beautifully with the shiny polished lids and predestines this series for representative serving at the table. Handles of pots and pans in nicely curved designs are made from solid stainless steel. The crowning are the knobs of the lids with miniature sculptures of vegetables and leaves. They are cast from solid bronze and silver plated by hand. All handles are mounted with stainless steel rivets and the rivets are chased with the Ruffoni logo. For entire authenticity pots and pans are engraved with the Ruffoni logo and serial numbers. - Ruffoni Opus Prima Induction Frying Pan, stainless steel, hammered and polished, handle stainless steel, Ø 26 x h 5 cm. - For Ruffoni products you do not find in our shop we gladly prepare a special quotation for you.

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