The world of Wallace and Gromit (englisches Buch)


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The world of Wallace und Gromit - Andy Lane (Hardcover, written in english)
Wallace & Gromit - the eccentric, cheese-loving inventor and his faithful, long-suffering dog - started life in 1985 in Nick Park's A Grand Day Out, a film he had started while attending Britain's National Film and Television school. Gromit actually began as a cat in another story and initially Wallace didn't have a name, but since then the pair have been catapulted to international fame and captured the hearts of millions, along with a cast of characters that includes the adorable Shaun the Sheep, the dastardly penguin Fingers and the long-suffering lady friend Wendolene.From an idea doodled in a sketchbook to three fully realised feature films, the secrets of the model-making shop, the set-design shop and the animation studios are all revealed here for the very first time. Including original concept artwork from Nick Park and insights into stop-motion animation, this book will also look at the establishment of the characters as global property through innovative marketing, major advertising campaigns (eg. US mattresses, Japan-foods) and must-have merchandise. The World of Wallace and Gromit will explore the way in which two animated characters from Bristol became a global phenom

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