D-Link - PowerLine HD Ethernet Adapter DHP-302 - Bridge


Wallis, 3906
* Lining: No
* Connectivity Technology: Wired
* Host interface: Ethernet
* Maximum transmission rate: 200 Mbit/s

With up to 200Mbps network data transfer rate, the DHP-302 allows you to connect devices such as computers, High-definition TV, networking devices and gaming consoles through the most pervasive medium in your house - the electrical wires - and share Internet connections as well as experience smooth file transfers, media streaming, online gaming and more
This Powerline HD Ethernet adapter features easy plug-and-play installation and can be attached to any Ethernet-enabled device
The DHP-302 Powerline HD Ethernet adapter uses the latest technology to deliver up to 200Mbps wired speed over a home's existing electrical wires
This fast transmission speed provides ample bandwidth that is suitable for streaming high-quality video HDTV signals, while simultaneously providing high speed Internet access throughout an entire home
With QoS support, this adapter does not compromise applications with real-time requirements, such as VoIP phone calls and multiplayer online games, while allowing you to enjoy Internet TV and music in your living room
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