Thermal Kälteschutz Kappe Fleece


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Neue und ungebrauchte Thermalkappe aus Fleece. Genau das Richtige für die ganz kalten Tage. Der Mundschutz kann mittels den Bändern zurecht gezogen und fixiert werden. Die Kälteschutz Kappe ist im Moment in der Farbe Schwarz, Rot und Dunkelgrün erhältlich.

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Brand New & High quality.
Material: Fleece
Size: One Size
Style: Fleece Mask Cap
It's Fashion, Warm, a very useful accessory brighten up your look, also as a gift.
Face thicker, more wind and warm; fleece fabric, soft and comfortable material has a certain elasticity
Hat left and right sides can adjust the size, suitable for people different head circumference to use
Wind, cold winter outdoor activities dedicated cycling in the cold when you can wrap the whole face, or it can be pulled down, pulled his chin or nose can change based on actual usage.
Uses: used to protect the face and neck, soft material, comfortable to wear, feel good, dust, the lower the velvet collar can be sealed to prevent cold wind to enter, thermal effect is very good, suitable for motorcycles, electric bicycles Knight, Wargame, skiing, hiking and other outdoor, extreme sports enthusiasts. Winter work, leisure and play, cycling, outdoor activities and so applies, in cold weather when you can take this as a mask to wrap the whole face, such as facial fever it can be pulled down, pulled his chin or nose can change based on actual usage. As outdoor supplies for hiking, skiing, cycling and other special outdoor sports .
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