The Andy Warhol Museum incl. a compact disc


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Solothurn, 4654
Bestell Numer Kunst-IntV. 19347
Essays by: Callie Angell, Avis Berman, Arthur C. Danto, Mark Francis, Richard Hellinger, Bennard B. Periman, Helen Searing
Compact disc by: Steve Rowland
Verlag: Cantz -. Auflage 1994
Einband: Glanzhardcover gebunden mit durchsichtigem Schutzumschlag.
Zustand: wie neu
Contents: Director's Foreword. Joint Venture Committee Statement. Sponsors's Introduction. The Right Place: The Founding of The Andy Warhol Museum. The Brillo Box in the Warehouse: Museums of Contemporary Art und Industrial Conversions. Architect's Statement. The Philosopher as Andy Warhol. The Democracy of Beauty: An Introduction to the Collections of The Andy Warhol Museum. Andy Warhol, Filmmaker. The Education of Andy Warhol. Chronology. The Museums Archives. Andy Warhol from Tapes: Sounds of his Life and Work.
ISBN: 3-89322-644-3
Sprache: Englisch
Format: 27.2x22.0x2.2cm, 208 Seiten.
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4654, Solothurn