Ancient Hindu Astrology for the modern Western Astrologer


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Solothurn, 4654
Bestell Nummer Engl.Lit.26723
Autor: James T.Braha
Verlagh: Hermetican Press Miami - Auflage 1986
Einband: Hardcover gebunden mit Schutzumschlag
Zustand: Gebraucht, sehr gut
Kurzinfo:"Ever since my first journey to India I have desired to share the knowledge I was fortunate enough to receive. I have also felt a need to dispel some rather major misconceptions, the main one being the fact that Hindu astrology is extraordinarily difficult. This is not true, as will soon hopefully be revealed. Although I have always been most fascinated with astrology because of the philosophical implications and revelations which can be extracted. I have done my best to keep philosophy from this work, as that is not my present purpose. It is my intention only to present Hindu astrology in a way that it deserves to be presented, which is long overdue -- a way which western astrologers can understand and utilise, and which will clear away the mystery and finally put into perspective the enormously complex techniques which make up the bulk of most textbooks on the subject. Having worked with both Hindu and western systems, it is my experience that the two greatly complement each other and together form the basis for a complete and profound astrology."
ISBN: 0 935895 00 0
Sprache: Englisch
Format: 26.0x19.7x3.0cm, 349 Seiten.
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4654, Solothurn