Froud, Lady Cottington's pressed Fairy letters


Lostorf, 4654
Bestell Nummer Engl.Lit.24277
Text: Ari Berk
Illustrations: Briand Froud
Verlag: Pavilion - Auflage 2005
Einband: Hardcover
Zustand: wie neu
Kurzinfo: The Cottington Archive is pleased to announce that more information about Lady Cottingon has surfaced: a scrapbook compiled by the notorious fairy smasher herself of "actual" letters, Valentines, calling cards, and more that she received from luminaries Queen Victoria, Annie Oakley, Igor Stravinsky, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Andrew Lang, P.T. Barnum, Rudyard Kipling, Wendy Darling, Beatrix Potter, and more. All about fairies, these hilarious letters contain everything from wisdom to suggestions to chastisement. Lady Cottington has made notes in the margins not to mention smashed fairies throughout (will she EVER STOP this nasty habit?!). And the fairies...ah the fairies...they too have done their part, sprinkling magic and mayhem throughout. Lady Cottington's Correspondence, a facsimile reproduction of this original volume, combines the nutty artistry of the first two Lady Cottington books with the novelty components of Griffin & Sabine. Containing "actual" letters, invoices for "spiritual services," a fairy Valentine, an invitation from Alice Liddell to tea, and more, this newest, interactive addition to the Lady Cottington series is the most innovative to date.
Sprache: Englisch
ISBN: 1-86205-708-7
Format: 26.0x23.3x1.2cm.
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Lostorf, 4654
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