The Gurkhas - John Parker


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The Inside Story of the World's most feared Soldiers

Their ferocity is as legendary as their loyalty to the British Monarch and their regimental histories are crammed with acts of incredible bravery and sacrifice. Their reputation as fearsome fighting men remains undisputed and the mere threat of their kukri knives has put the fear of God into opposing forces throughout the world. John Parker's book is a fascinating testimony to the Gurkhas - a fighting force that stands dramatically apart in British military history.

Englisch geschriebenes Buch - hat etwas gelitten, Abnutzungserscheinungen, Ränder sind abgenutzt und Knicke im Rücken, aber keine fehlenden oder zerrissenen Seiten.
Abholung, ansonsten Übernahme der Portokosten (7.-) durch Käufer.

English book. Has already suffered usual wearings, bends in the back and dogears, but no pages missing or torn. Can be picked at my place, postage (CHF 7.-) shall be payed by buyer if mail-order is desired.
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