Kochbuch / recettes - complete INDIAN cookbook - english


Sachbücher & Ratgeber
Neuenburg, 2034
Mridula Baljekar - 1990 - hardcover

Interested in Indian cooking? Then look no further. The Complete Indian cookbook contains a wonderful collection of authentic recipes that will revolutionise your cooking. All the Eastern promise of your favourite Indian restaurant lies within the pages of this book, providing everything needed to produce the most spectacular dishes. Clearly written and beautifully photographed, the easy-to-follow formula of The Complete Indian Cookbook takes all the mystery, but none of the magic, out of Indian cooking. You will discover that not only is Indian food deliciously varied, it is also much easier to prepare than you ever imagined. The Complete Indian Cookbook contains a wealth of delights for every cook. With over 180 recipes to choose from, lovers of Indian food can savour the very best of Indian cuisine, from popular standards such as Meat Samosas to more unusual dishes such as the wonderfully aromatic Chicken Chaat.
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