Huawei Freebuds 2 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Kopfhörer Schwarz


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NEU WARE (Mit Originalverpackung) -- Huawei FreeBuds 2 Pro Wireless-Kopfhörer

Name HUAWEI CM-H2 FreeBuds 2 Pro Wireless Earphone
Type Wireless Bluetooth earphone
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth protocol A2DP 1.3; Hands-Free Profile (HFP)1.6 ; AVRCP
Effective frequency bandwidth 20 Hz ? 20,000 Hz

Indicator In the Charging box: 1pcs RGB LED tricolour light :
* indicate the status of earphone charging
* indicate the status of earphone power
* indicate the status of pairing
* indicate the status of reset

Out of the Charging box:4pcs LED light:
* indicate the status of box charging
* indicate the status of box power

Charging port Type C USB

* Wireless binaural stereo headphones, Left and right earphone can work at the same time;
* Low power consumption, long battery life;
* Voice noise reduction;
* Wireless charging (charging box);
* Self-search and quickly pairing once open the box;
* 13mm dynamic unit, half-in-ear headphones;
* Smart Wearing test
* Double-click handle
* Dustproof and waterproof
* Voice Control ( only for FreeBuds 2 Pro )
* AI smart recognition ( only for FreeBuds 2 Pro )
* Voice ID ( only for FreeBuds 2 Pro )

Battery Min. 410mAh, Typical 420mAh
Power input 5V,1A

Button key Pairing key:
* To use it in first time, press pairing key in 4s, charging box will be
turned on.
* After the charging box is turned on, keep the earphone in the box,
press pairing key over 2s, less 10s,
eaphones enter the status of pairing
* Put the earphone in the box, press pairing key in 10-16s, earphone can be Factory Reset.
* Press paring key in 16s, charging box will be restart.
* Press pairing key in 1-2s, indicate the status of box power.

Theoretical call time about 2.5 hours
Theoretical standby time When connected to a Bluetooth device at full power and enter to
standby state,
non-wearing state can last for about 15 hours.
Theoretical charging time Maximum support for 3C charging current. It takes about 1 hour to be

Voice Quality

* Transponders such as transmit/receive loudness, transmit/receive
noise, transmit/receive frequency response,

transmit/receive distortion, and echo refer to narrowband call standard
TIA-810B/broadband call standard TIA-920
* Noise reduction level (environmental noise suppression performance
(broadband/narrowband speech)

* SNR:White noise:25 dB
* Hoth noise:25 dB
* Traffic noise:25 dB
* WNR: Wind noise:75 dB

Microphone 2pcs MEMS microphone
Charging box size 50.5mm45mm24.5mm
Earphone size 43mm18.6mm16.5mm

Weight Charging box: 45g 1g; one earphone :4.1g

In box
1 set of FreeBuds 2 Pro earphone
1pcs Charging box
1pcs Type C charging cable
1pcs manualMehr Infos unter
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Chur, 7000