NEW- 160686 Solar Pool Heater 735 W Set of 5


Bern, 3000
FREE-DELIVERY Solar Pool Heater 735 W Set of 5

- Description This set ofundnbsp solar pool heaters of high efficiency helps you avoid the continually increasing natural gas and electricity cost, and offers you free heating service by taking advantage of solar energy.undnbsp By simply installing it on an exposed surface and your pool water can be heated while circulating through it as long as the sun is shining, and can heat 1000 liters of water 1 ° C/h.undnbsp If you live in an area where solar power comes readily in the form of frequent good weather, you may find a solar pool heater easily double your swimming season or more.undnbsp Delivery includes: 5 x solar panels, 5 x 1 x 3-way valve, 5 x 1 x D-hose connection, 5 x 3 x adapter, 5 x 6 x hose clamp, 5 x 1 x Teflon tape. * Produktcode:VN-160686

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3000, Bern