Opals of the Never Never


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Opals of the Never Never
by Robert G. Haill
The fascinating and raucous history of an enduring Australian boom town. The outback outpost of Cobber Pedy has been the focus of a sustained opal rush since 1915. OPALS OF THE NEVER NEVER explores the town, the gem, and their inexorable link. Historians, sociologists, gem collectors and curiosity seekers will appreciate the singular phenomenon that is Cobber Pedy.
OPALS OF THE NEVER NEVER is a lay person's guide to opal mining. Australia supplies opal to the jewelry trade of the whole world, and Coober Pedy produces the bulk of that.
Coober Pedy (originally known as the Stuart Range) is an outback Australian town in the far north of South Australia, in the middle of a desert. The Aboriginal definition of Cobber Pedy is "white man in a burrow."
U.S. mineral rushes for gold, silver and eventually uranium were brief and furious -- the hasty, rollicking communities that sprung up to support them are now ghost towns. Yet, while Cobber Pedy is a boom-town, its longevity defies the textbook definition and makes its history unique and fascinating.
Sydney, Australia, Kangaroo Press / 1995 Revised Edition, Language English
128 pages, 16 pages of color plates and many black & white illustrations
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