Gold Panner's Manual


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Bern, 3018
Gold Panner's Manual
by Garnet Basque
Why not pick up a piece or two of surprisingly simple equipment and check that stream by your campsite? The techniques, the pans, the pickaxes and the educated guessing required to pan gold havent changed much since the Klondike Gold Rush. Garnet Basques Gold Panners Manual explains every aspect of goldpanning and prospecting. As youll likely be competing with other prospectors, knowledge will give you the edge, and Gold Panners Manual goes through all the necessary (and fascinating) background on golds formation to support your understanding of the likeliest places nuggets or dust will have surfaced or settled. Basque describes the ins and outs of the equipment you need, the tell-tale signs of gold and how to stake a claim. Find out how to spot a placer site and size up a valley for the best spot to start panning.
Heritage House; 3 edition 2012
144 pages, Language: English
Used book in very good condition.
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