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Audio & Hi-Fi
Basel, 4104
Folgende Titel im Angebot: 1 M Shelley-FRANKENSTEIN, 2 Ch Dickens-GREAT EXPECTATIONS, 3 O Wilde-THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, 4 W S Maugham-THE MOON AND SIXPENCE, 5 M Caine- WHAT´S IT ALL ABOUT, 6 R L Stevenson-DOCTOR JEKYLL AND MR.HYDE, 7 J Gaarder- SOPHIE´S WORLD, 8 Ch Dickens- OLIVER TWIST, 9 O Wild-THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, 10 J Archer-TWELVE RED HERRINGS, 11 J A Cuddon-SUPERNATURAL STORIES, 12 A Guinness- MY NAME ESCAPES ME, 13 E Leeson- ENGLISH VERSE, 14 Ch Brontë- JANE EYRE, 15 H Fielding- TOM JONES, 16 W Cope- THE FUNNY SIDE, 17 T Lehrer- THE BEST OF TOM LEHRER, 18 J Le Carre- OUR GAME, 19 G Shaw- PYGMALION, 20 B Bryson- MADE IN AMERICA, 21 D Alighieri- DIE GÖTTLICHE KOMÖDIE, 22 R Ludlum- APOCALYPSE WATCH, 23 Penuin English Verse- THE ROMANTICS, 24 R M Rilke- DUINESER ELEGIEN, 25 J Joyce- A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN, 26 B Sibley- SHADOWLANDS, 27 A Miller- THE CRUCIBLE, 28 N Kinnock- GREAT POLITICAL SPEECHES: Lloyd George, Hugh Gaitskell, Harold Wilson, Nye Bevan, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Winston Churchill, 29 W Shakespeare- HAMLET
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