Doppelband um 1780 über englische Heraldik, Folio, selten


Antiquitäten & Kunst
Basel, 4132
"A complete body of heraldry: containing, an historical enquiry into the origin of armories, and the rise and progress of heraldry, considered asa science ... The proper methods of blazoning and marshalling armorial bearings ... The arms, quarterings, crests, supporters, and mottos, of all sovereign princes and states; as also the atchievements of the peers, peeresses, and baronets, of England, Scotland, and Ireland. An historical catalogue of all the differentorders of knighthood ... The arms of the counties, cities, boroughs, and towns corporate, in England and Wales; and of the abbies and religious houses founded therein: as also those of the royal boroughs in Scotland; and of the societies, bodies corporate, trading companies, &c. in London. The arms of archiepiscopal and episcopal sees in England and Ireland, and of those heretofore established in Scotland ... A discourse on the origin, use, and abuse, of funeral trophies. Glover's Ordinary of arms, augm. and improved; an alphabet of arms, containing upwards of fifty thousand coats, with their crests, &c. and a copious glossary, explaining all the technical terms used in heraldry"

Von Joseph Edmondson (t 1786): War ein berühmter Herald und Genealoge. In diesem Buch beschreibt er alle wichtigen Familien, Titel und Errungenschaften ab dem Mittelalter von England, Schottland, Irland und Wales.

Gedruckt in London von T. Spilsbury um 1780

Zustand: Ledereinband sehr gut, der Rücken wurde wohl einmal restauriert. Innen sauber oder Flecken, Insekten- oder Wasserschäden. Mit schönen Stichen von Wappen, Auszeichnungen etc

Abmessungen: 46.5 cm x 30 cm, sehr gross, sehr schwer!

Versand 15.-, oder Abholung

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4132, Basel