Portofrei Nikon Focus Ltens 35mm F2.0 Manual Lightdow


Bergdietikon, 8962
Wide-Angle Full-Frame Lens Manual Fixed-Focus Lens Fixed
Product parameters:

Mark: Lightdow

Model: for 35F2.0

Lens variety: micro single lens

Lens type: standard zoom

Type: fixed focus lens

Maximum aperture: F2.0

Minimum aperture: F22

Focal length(approx.): 35mm/1.38in

Filter diameter(approx.): 55mm/2.17in

Lens structure: 5 groups of 8pcs

Bayonet: Nikon F mount

Filter size(approx.): 55mm/2.17in

Shooting scene: character

Recent focusing distance(approx.): 0.25m/0.82ft

Anti-shake type of lens: no anti-shake

Lens use: standard lens

Lens positioning: 4/3 system lens

Product description:

1. Manual focus (MF) mode, the full range of products are glass lenses.

2. Up to 7 aperture blades, which allows you to shoot near-circular diffuse plaques, and appropriately reduce the aperture to take 14 star effects.

3. The chrome-plated high-precision metal bayonet effectively improves the adaptability of the camera body and the bayonet strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is durable.

4. It supports full-frame and APS-C format cameras, supports camera photography modes such as M / AV / TV / P, and display aperture data in EXIF information.

5. Multi-layer coated lens effectively improves the light transmittance, suppresses ghosting and glare during backlight shooting, and uses gold plating as a metal contact to effectively improve signal conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Product list:

Lens x 1

Front cover x 1

Rear cover x 1

Leather bag x 1
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Bergdietikon, 8962
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