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Have you ever been dreaming of being a professional forex trader but didn't know how to do it? Now you have the opportunity. Do this diploma course and become a currency trader. You can work at home or in your office. And the best of all, you don't have a boss.

What you will learn

- Understand what makes the foreign exchange market the largest and most liquid financial trading market in the world
- Utilize the latest analytical tools and techniques for making informed trading decisions
- Learn how to apply practical, cutting-edge strategies specifically geared towards trading currencies
- Discover the most important characteristics of successful foreign exchange traders
- The fundamentals of Forex
- The role of inflation
- The China factor
- The commodities connection
- Conducting your own fundamental analysis
- Mapping price action
- Finding significant support and resistance
- Volatility in Forex and its dimensions
- Chart formations and price patterns you should know
- Trading styles and setups
- The right way to use simulation accounts
- Trading money to make money
- Playing in the majors
- The players
- What moves the Forex markets?
- Anatomy of the currency pairs
- Going long and selling short
- Market orders ? on the spot
- Stopping losses with stop losses and trailing stops
- And much more


3 months


The assessment will take place on the basis of one assignment at the end of the course.

Study material

The study material will be provided by download link.

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Nussbaumen AG, Rieden AG, Hertenstein AG, 5415
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