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Waadt, 1034
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Calvin RUSSELL : Soldier

Artist: Calvin RUSSELL Title: Soldier Format: CD Label/Ref: New rose 422422 Issued: 1992 FR CD Condition: Near Mint (no marks) Booklet Condition: Excellent Soldier 5:53 Stranger 3:27 Characters 5:50 I Dreamed I Saw 2:43 Rats & Roaches 4:29 Down In Texas 2:47 Shackles And Chains 4:02 This Could Be The Day 3:53 This Is Your World (Memphis Mix) 4:39

Waadt, 1034
Gestern 23:06

Kaori MURAJI : Portraits

Artist: Kaori MURAJI Title: Portraits Format: CD Label/Ref: Decca UCCD-9763 Issued: 2009 KR CD Condition: New (not sealed) Booklet Condition: New Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence 5:32 Tango En Saki 2:41 Tears In Heaven 5:34 Jango 5:04 Energy Flow 5:19 What A Friend 2:46 The Internationale 2:33 Amour Perdues 2:54 Secret Love 2:34 Summer Time 3:35 I Feel Pretty 1:20 Maria 1:55 America 2:25 Nocturne No 2 E Flat, Op.9 No 2 5:16 Thousands Of Prayers 4:36 Kinderszenen, Op.15 3:05 Love Waltz 2:57 Introduction To Sunburst - Sunburst 6:13 In My Life 3:15

Waadt, 1034
Gestern 23:03

Peter ROWAN Crucial country

Artist: Peter ROWAN Title: Crucial country Format: CD Label/Ref: Rounder RRECD 22 Issued: 2007 EU CD Condition: Near Mint (no marks) Booklet Condition: Excellent Deal With the Devil Howlin’ at the Moon The Walls of Time Tumbleweed Panama Red Rainmaker Wings of Horses No Woman No Cry Land of the Navajo Ancient Tones

Bern, 4900
Gestern 21:41

Vom Buuch zum Chopf - Streifzug duch die bernische Mundart

Vom Buuch zum Chopf Eine Co Produktion mit Schweizer Radio DRS 2000 Die Auswahl läaat keine Wünsche offen: Rudolph von Tavel Carl Albert Loosli Hans Zulliger Béatrice Schürch-Schmidt Fritz Widmer Ernst Eggimann Kurt Marti Andreas Eichenberger Margrit Staub-Hadorn Ernst Burren und viele mehr... Ein heiter-besinnlicher Streifzug duch die bernische Mundart 72 Min. Niederhauser, Paul Flaustel, Trio Hörbuch CD 72 Min. Schweizerdeutsch gut erhaltene CD minime Gebrauchsspuren Versand Fr.3.-

Waadt, 1034
Gestern 20:49

PATTERSON & PULTS Grand tetons

Artist: PATTERSON & PULTS Title: Grand tetons Format: CD Label/Ref: Riverman BTR0070 Issued: 2010 KR CD Condition: New Booklet Condition: New Oh Woman Alone Though You're So Far Away Train Of Life Grand Tetons Take Me Back Different Kind Of Love Love Of The Country These Dreams Remembering Back Loneliness Is Only In Your Own Mind Bonus Tracks From The 2nd Album Time Passed Away Keys (On The Blue Ocean) Summer Daze Midnight Candlelight The Love I Feel For You Tell Me Again (How You Feel) Previously Unreleased Demos Come With Me Calling Me Back Home Remembering Back Different Kind Of Love Love Of The Country Loneliness Is Only In Your Own Mind

Freiburg, 1796
Gestern 20:23

Kinder Hörbuch Der kleine Lord 1 CD

Hörbuch Der kleine Lord 1 CD

Bern, 3631
Gestern 19:53

Sammlung LP's und Singles

Verkaufe eine alte Sammlung 36 LP's: Deutsche Schlager: Heintje, Freddy Quinn, Andrea Jürgens, Heino, Peter Alexander,... Volksmusik, Weihnachtslieder, damalige Hitparade, Klibi und Caroline,... 15 Singles: Heintje, Andrea Jürgens, Peter Krau, Nini Rosso,... Versand gegen Übernahme der Gebühren möglich.

Bern, 3110
Gestern 19:40

Katie Melua - Pictures

Katie Melua - Pictures. Kontaktaufnahme am besten via tutti.ch (E-Mail), keine SMS.

Waadt, 1034
Gestern 18:34

RUSCONI : It’s a sonic life

Artist: RUSCONI Title: It’s a sonic life Format: CD Label/Ref: Sony 88697630822 Issued: 2010 EU CD Condition: Near Mint (no marks) Booklet Condition: Excellent Musicians: Double Bass – Fabian Gisler Drums – Claudio Strüby Engineer [Assistant] – Jonas Prina Executive-Producer – Peter Bürli Grand Piano – Stefan Rusconi Management – HR Music GmbH Mastered By – Daniel Dettwiler Mixed By – Daniel Dettwiler Percussion – Claudio Strüby Producer – Rusconi* Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By – Daniel Dettwiler Upright Piano – Stefan Rusconi Sunday 3:25 Hoarfrost 4:28 Schizophrenia 2:45 Karen Revisited 3:00 The Destroyed Room 1:45 A Cat Goes Alone 2:29 Theresa's Sound-World 4:53 Skip Tracer 2:54 Into The Heart 5:18 Hits Of Sunshine (For Allen Ginsberg) 8:38 Secret Girl 1:57 Unmade Bed 3:23 Unwind 3:49 The Wind Is Blowing 3:18

Bern, 3454
Gestern 17:58

chica torpedo cd

neue chica torpedo cd gestern an der plattentaufe gekauft.

Bern, 3322
Gestern 15:36


wäre achön wenns etwas für ins Kinderkässeli gäbe,Sind viele Kinderlieder,Märli,Geschichten...einige haben wohl Kratzer...sollten alle miteinander abgeholt werden

Neuenburg, 2034
Gestern 15:34

Elvis Presley / Welcome To My World / Mini LP CD Japan

OUT OF PRINT! !!!!!!!!RARE!!!RARE!!!RARE!!!!!!!! *********UNIQUE********* !!!!!!!!EDITION: ONE ONLY EXEMPLARY!!!!!!!! BVCP-1002 Edition: 1993 BMG Japan - Cover Edition 2000 Included: Obi & Inser. (Lyrics English & Japan) Condition: In Perfect Condition Like New! NOT SERIOUS, THANKS FOR ABSTAINING ;-) ********************************************** Tracks: Welcome to My World ("Aloha from Hawaii", January 14, 1973) Help Me Make It Through the Night Release Me I Really Don't Want to Know For the Good Times (Madison Square Garden, June 10, 1972, MS) Make the World Go Away Gentle on My Mind I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Your Cheatin' Heart (alternate master, take 9) I Can't Stop Loving You (Madison Square Garden, June 10, 1972, AS)

Waadt, 1034
Gestern 15:14

Pete LEVIN A solitary man

Artist: Pete LEVIN Title: A solitary man Format: CD Label/Ref: Gramavision Issued: GV 79457 CD Condition: Near Mint (no marks) Booklet Condition: Excellent 1. Abraham 2. A Solitary Man 3. Gil Sings With the Angels 4. Either / Or End Up-Down 5. The Sad Truth 6. Streetband 7. The Best Pasta in Jamaica 8. Through Rose Glasses 9. Colossus 10. 2069 (A Spaced Oddity)

Bern, 4900
Gestern 14:22

cd ständer

cd ständer für 24 cd

Bern, 4900
Gestern 14:21


Cd player noch super funktionierent

Bern, 3036
Gestern 14:08

CD progressive Muskelentspannung nach Jacobson

Tolle Führung durch die progressive Muskelentspannung! Bei Versand zzgl. Porto.

Waadt, 1034
Gestern 14:06

DEEP FEELING : Deep feeling

Artist: DEEP FEELING Title: Deep feeling Format: CD Label/Ref: Media Arte MI 0005 Issued: 2009 KR CD Condition: Near Mint (no marks) Booklet Condition: Excellent Welcome For A Soldier Old Peoples Home Classical Gas Guillotine Country Home Lucille

Bern, 3302
Gestern 11:50

Koreana - Hand in Hand

Langspielplatte, abzuholen in Bern

Waadt, 1034
Gestern 11:49

Bridget St-JOHN : Ask me no question

Artist: Bridget St-JOHN Title: Ask me no question Format: CD Label/Ref: Cherry red Issued: CDM RED 282 CD Condition: Near Mint (no marks) Booklet Condition: Excellent To B Without A Hitch 3:07 Autumn Lullaby 3:01 Curl Your Toes 3:00 Like Never Before 3:13 The Curious Crystals Of Unusual Purity 3:59 Barefeet And Hot Pavements 2:45 I Like To Be With You In The Sun 2:34 Lizard-Long-Tongue Boy 3:08 Hello Again (Of Course) 4:11 Many Happy Returns 2:16 Broken Faith 4:56 Ask Me No Questions 7:48 Suzanne 5:31 The Road Was Lonely 2:16

Bern, 3302
Gestern 11:49

Footloose Soundtrack

Schallplatte, abzuholen in Bern.

Bern, 3302
Gestern 11:49

Peggy March - Hello Boys

Schallplatte, abzuholen in Bern.

Genf, 1293
Gestern 11:42

Compton?s Encyclopedia 2000 Deluxe

Compton?s Encyclopedia 2000 Deluxe en anglais. Avec The Handy Sience Answer Book et le CD Rom The Complete National Geographic 97-98 (Windows 98 ou plus récent et Macintosh) Cliquez sur mon nom d?utilisateur pour voir toutes mes offres et ainsi grouper les achats.

Bern, 3665
Gestern 11:28

SONY Musikanlage CD/MP3-Disc/USB/Aux

Sony Musikanlage CD/MP3-Disc/USB/Aux - läuft einwandfrei, mit Gebrauchanleitung und Fernbedienung

Waadt, 1034
Gestern 11:22

COUNTRY FUNK : Country funk

Artist: COUNTRY FUNK Title: Country funk Format: CD Label/Ref: Riverman BTR 0106 Issued: 2012 KR CD Condition: New Booklet Condition: New Apart Of Me 3:35 Phoebe (Mourning Pink) 2:07 Really My Friend 4:03 Not This Time 2:01 For Me 2:59 Poor Boy 4:45 A Way To Settle Down 2:23 When I'm Without You 4:54 Comin' In 3:03 If I Find A Way (Song Of Love) 3:04 Another Miss 2:50 Want 2:59 Bonus tracks One Time Lover Woman Melrose Street 5829 Love

Bern, 3086
Gestern 11:12


Wer hat Interesse an CDs von Säntisfeger?Siehst du die Zufriedenheit Jahr 2002, Alle meine Küsse Jahr 2004.Guter Zustand. Preis 10.- Kann auch einzeln gekauft werden.

Waadt, 1034
Gestern 11:11

Stephen STILLS: Stephen Stills live

Artist: Stephen STILLS Title: Stephen Stills live Format: CD Label/Ref: Atlantic 7567-81499 Issued: 1991 DE CD Condition: Near Mint (no marks) Booklet Condition: Excellent Wooden Ships 6:28 Four Days Gone 3:50 Jet Set (Sigh) Rocky Mountain Way Jet Set (Sigh) 5:26 Special Care 3:27 Change Partners 2:50 Crossroads You Can't Catch Me 4:30 Everybody's Talkin' At Me 2:15 4+20 2:11 Word Game 3:58

Bern, 3086
Gestern 11:07

Andrea Berg

Wer hat Interesse an CDs von Andrea Berg? Schwerelos,Jahr 2010,Abenteuer Jahr 2011. Guter Zustand.Preis 10.- Kann auch einzeln gekauft werden.

Bern, 3084
Gestern 11:05


Drehbarer CD-Ständer gratis abzugeben.

Bern, 3532
Gestern 10:30

CD Bryan Adams "Into The Fire"

CD Bryan Adams "Into The Fire" Titel gemäss Foto aus dem Jahr 1987 CHF 9.00 inkl. Versandspesen

Wallis, 1950
Gestern 09:58

1280 vinyles en 1 seul lot

80 - 90 - 2000 - rock - français - reggae - R'n'B - House - Dance Disques en super état employé en club ! Je n'ai pas de liste mais tous les morceaux sont Garantis 100% hits ( Bonney M - ABBA - Bob Sinclar - David Guetta - Michael Jackson - Brandy & Monica - Luniz - Joan Jett - Bon Jovi - etc ... ) A venir chercher sur place A prévoir des caisses pour le transport A prévoir payement cash Pas de lots séparés.


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